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Fakaalofa lahi atu.

It is my pleasure to formally greet and welcome you to the Ministry of Infrastructure website of the Government of Niue network. This important communication method aims to record, communicate, educate, promote, and to respond to our valued stakeholders on the work we do for the country and in helping the needs of the people of Niue. The Government has kindly given support to the project, so we can share with our many clients what we plan, do, and achieve for the betterment and development of Niue. It is a great privilege and humble duty for us to face up to the challenges with the limited resources made available to us, particularly; labour and capital. But, what we lack in, we can overcome with determination by believing in our sense of entrepreneurship and patriotism. The Ministry have immense delegated responsibility to plan, manage and maintain the national infrastructures and capital developments of the Niue economy. The impact of Covid-19 has and will continue to affect our nation and the livelihood of our people. For sure, other natural disasters caused by climate change will continue to severely disturb our infrastructural system. That is why, we must carefully assess the risks through proactive planning and preparedness to strengthen our resilience to respond to the impacts of these unknown catastrophes now and in the future. We thank the Government of Niue, various donors and our own Ministry employees and contributors towards the building of this vital communication and information platform. Of special mention, our sincere thanks to the Government of India technical support under the India-Niue-Centre of Excellence in Information Technology facility. We hope, our efforts can make a difference to achieve the vision of A Healthy and Sustainable Niue.

Crossley Tatui

Fakalofa Lahi Atu kehe higoa he ha tautolu a fakamoui ko Iesu Keriso. Kua fiafia lahi ni, ha kua fakamooli ai e matagahua mahuiga nai he faahi gahua Talaga moe Leveki Koloa he Fakatufono Niue. Mahuiga ke he tau puhala fakailoaga, fakamaamaaga, taofiaga he ha tautolu a tau gahua he tau lala faahi guhua takitaha ne kua lago moe fakafekau ki ai ke lagaki hake e Faahi Gahau Talaga moe Leveki Koloa He Fakatufono moe ha tautolu a Motu Fakahelele ko Niue Fekai he aho nai moe tau aho i mua. Kia tumau e fuhiulu auloa, moe fiafia mai kehe ha mautolu a pepa kupega hila nai, moe tuku atu ha mautolu a tau fakaaue lahi moe monuina ha tautolu a tau totouaga.

Fakaue Lahi moe Kia Monuina.


I welcome us all to our Ministry of Infrastructure website of the Government of Niue. It has been many years of talking, now we finally make it happened. I would convey my sincere appreciation to everyone here in the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Hon. Minister and cabinet for the approval of the project. Our sincere acknowledgment of IN-CEIT for the partnership ensures our staff has participated from the start from each phase of designing and built of the website. Our Ministry has achieved a wide range of national programme over the years and continued, formulating national strategies, develop a project proposal,s and implemented. This is our opportunity for informing our valuable customers and partners about what we are doing.

We do look forward to your great support when viewing our Website and your feedback is much appreciated so we all work together to achieve our National Goals together.

Fakaue Lahi

Andre Siohane