To carry out the regulatory role for building & engineering, power, roads and telecommunications. Ensure all housing and engineering constructions are of high standard, provide safe power & electrical environment, ensure safe & effective telecommunication network, improve road network; provide reliable, safe and portable water to consumers at all times.


The purpose of the department is to provide Regulatory functions across the Building sector; Power, Electrical & Renewable Energy; Telecommunication; Roading; Plumbing & Water Supply. We are the Regulators and we enforce the laws across all these sectors to ensure that requirements of standards, regulations, and policies are met to provide safe environments and protect the lives of the people in times of disasters and adverse weather events.

We work as an independent unit but maintain a close working relationship with the operational departments of government.  This is to ensure no conflict of interest arises between operational and regulations.  It is important that we maintain a high standard of work practices, provision of services and products used in the industry are of required standards, and safeguard workers in construction sites.