Niue Power Corporation


Niue Power Corporation provides Electrical Generation, Power Supply, and Network Maintenance to 100% of its customers in Niue with a commitment to improving reliance on Renewable Energy. Details of our plans and commitment can be located within the Niue Strategic Energy Road Map 2015-2025.


The Power Network comprises Overhead / Underground Cable Installations, Transformers, HV Switch Apparatus and provides servicing to the Power Network from the Customers Point of Connection (POC) to the Generation Station.

Our objective is to supply power services through key principles as listed below:

Gradual Integration of Renewable Energy into our System providing a reduction and reliance on Fossil fuels.

Improved reliability for Power Supply and a reduction in Faults on the Network.

Energy Efficiency improvements to Private, Commercial, and Governmental Departments through utilisation of new technologies and processes for reducing power consumption for electrical appliances.


Areas of Responsibility

Implementing and Monitoring of NPC OSHQA and E Management Systems, Finances and Quotation / Job Control.

Ensuring monitoring, maintaining and recording of all documentation.

Provide an efficient, reliable continuous Generation of Power for the Network.

Maintaining Generators and Ensuring continuous Operating of Generators.

Operating the Generation and Integration of Solar at peak efficiency through the careful planning, monitoring of Power Demand and delivery.


Maintaining the Network. Provide Quotations and Complete Works for Customer Funded Projects.

Providing Fault works when required.

Participation with NDM meetings and ensuring as much is prepared for in the event of a Disaster. (Tropical Cyclone etc).

Maintaining the Network. Provide Quotations and Complete Works for Customer Funded Projects.


Harris Ikitule

Acting General Manager, Production

Samson Nelisi

Manager, Reticulation

+683 4020/ 4133


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