The purpose of the Department of Transport is to provide safe, secure, and reliable transport services at an international standard. The Department also contributes towards Emergency Management with the Niue Police Department and it is envisaged that this relationship will strengthen over time. Our activities support the Financial Stability, Good Governance, Economic Development, and Private Sector Development pillars of the NNSP. We deliver our services and projects across a range of activities. These include Civil Aviation, Rescue Fire Services, Maritime, Heavy Plant, and Outside Services, supported by an efficient and effective Corporate Services team.

Our Vision is a prosperous Niue – Niue ke Monuina

Our Mission is to provide and maintain safe, secure, and reliable transport infrastructure and services at international standards, and to be prepared to respond to national disasters and emergencies.


The Department of Transport operates in a heavily regulated environment that prioritizes safety and security. As such, it is important that we adopt and maintain standard activities and recommended practices designed by international agencies such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in day to day operations and policy and legislative frameworks where possible and applicable.

Technologies within the transport sector continue to evolve. It is our goal to bridge this gap in a sustainable manner, matching local capacity to manage and service these advances. This will require significant investment, and it will be essential to move towards user-pay systems accordingly.

Our core functions are aligned to the Niue National Strategic Plan (NNSP). Ultimately our priority is to provide consistent and safe transport and emergency services, and emphasis will be placed to continuously monitor and maintain key systems and procedures to ensure the highest standards are upheld.

As the keystone for socio-economic development in Niue, we cannot afford to fail to provide services. It is important that we value and reward our staff for positive behaviors because our people are our most important resource. They will provide the services, always respond to emergencies, and determine contingencies to maintain ‘business as usual’ services.

We need to be realistic but proactive and innovative. We need to think globally and act locally.

By flattening our structure we are better able to recognize and support the technical skills and expertise within the department. Following the Public Service Transformation which formed the Department of Transport, the organizational structure has been reviewed and approved by the Niue Public Service Commission in May 2016 as follows: