Heavy Plant



To run a business providing professional, efficient, and effective mechanical services for all machineries over 3T.

Economic Development depends on heavy machines for port operations, agricultural purposes, building projects, laying of cables and even digging graves. The Heavy Plant Division is expected to regularly service and maintain the machines, with expert diagnosis, to ensure operations are maintained and to prolong machine longevity. Many of our machines have exceeded their life expectancy but are still being used.

An updated and funded Asset Management Plan will establish the current baseline of our machines and staff capacity, to determine our way forward building capacity and prolonging machine longevity and return of investment.  Despite our best efforts, we sometimes lack speciality equipment and expertise to properly diagnose and repair machines.  For example, a full time auto-electrician and scanner equipment for modern machineries. More teams are now Working with overseas counterparts will help us keep up with the world while also ensuring that our mechanics are trained and capable to provide the professional service expected of them, and smoothly operating machines that do not hold up economic development.

The Division is becoming more business focussed, becoming more accountable for all expenses and billing these appropriately to customers. Heavy Plant must become revenue generating to recover costs to the department and to become self-sustaining.

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Rhys Tatui

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