Rescue Fire Services



To reduce the incidence and consequences of fire and to provide a professional response to other emergencies.

Rescue Fire Services was established to ensure Hanan International Airport met international airport requirements. It is important to note that as we have increased flight capacity to Niue (from twin otter flights to B737s, A320s and now A320-neos) – bigger aircrafts demand higher fire rescue capacity at the airport. This not only means having fire truck appliances with greater water capacity, or supporting appliances to provide additional capacity, but more staff to meet minimum safe operating standards.

Internationally, the role of Rescue Fire Services has evolved from a reactive ‘fire only’ service centred on a fire station to a proactive “all hazards” fire and emergency service provider at a national level. Over the years, we have expanded the role of RFS to improve Niue’s Emergency Response, in association with Niue Police and the National Disaster Management Office, to develop greater value from existing services and build Niue’s national resilience to any adverse event beyond the airport.

Greater community engagement is required, while also developing revenue streams to help recover costs to the department.

Wesley Seumanu

Rescue Fire Chief Officer

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